Yoga at Firelight Camps on my new Manduka PROLite Mat!

This morning, I had the pleasure of practicing yoga outside with Rachel VerValin at Firelight Camps. Firelight offers "glamping" (or glamour-camping) at a stunning spot by all of the hiking trails of Buttermilk Falls in Ithaca, New York. Rachel will be offering classes there twice a week: Thursday evenings and Saturday mornings (check her website to keep up to date on happenings and class times).

It was pretty rocking to practice early morning yoga to the sounds of the birds and the breeze moving through the trees. It was even more rocking to get to practice yoga on my brand spanking new Manduka PROLite mat, courtesy of I contacted because I was insanely excited about their new feature where you "mat"ch to your perfect mat! By answering a series of easy questions, they let you know what mat is right for your practice. Brilliant, no? I know from working forever in yoga studios that one of the most common questions I get is "Which mat should I buy?" Your yoga mat is a big deal! You spend hours and hours on it, have to stare at the thing, and praypraypray you won't face-plant when things get sweaty. My match! (this is so much nicer than OKCupid, btw, OMG):

Dancin' on my sparkly new mat!

I love my mat. I love it's color. I love listening to Rachel VerValin and practicing next to Emma Frisch on it.

Life is good!

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