Upward Boat Variations Sequence

This sequence is dedicated to Susan Lang. Susan has been an amazing one-woman publicity team and has been invaluable in letting the Cornell community know about my book, The Joy of Yoga: 50 Sequences for Your Home and Studio Practice.

She mentioned enjoying the sequence that I taught at Cornell yesterday. I'll do my best to remember what I can of it!

1. Begin supine
2. Massage lower back by circling knees, both directions
3. Roll forward and back along spine, but not directly along the spine
4. Roll to seated
5. Take hands underneath knees into Upward Boat pose. Draw circles with your legs by bending and straightening the legs at the knees and circling from the hip. Draw circles both ways.
6. Table top
7. Cat/cow spine in table top
8. Downward Facing Dog
9. Lift right leg to sky
10. Draw circles with knees, both directions
11. 3 rounds knee to nose
12. Warrior I
13. Inhale arms up, exhale torso hovering over thigh and arms alongside hips. Repeat 6x-ish.
14. Humble Warrior
15. Warrior II
16. Peaceful Warrior
17. Extended Side Angle
18. Straighten right leg and take left hand down left leg for side stretch
19. Triangle Pose
20. Warrior II
21. Low lunge twist
22. Vinyasa
23. Come to seat. Take hands behind hips on floor, with fingertips pointing forward (towards hips). Take the same circles as step 5, but with hands behind you. If this is too much for lower back, repeat step 5.
24. Repeat steps 7-22 with left leg forward
25. Lift right leg in three-legged dog
26. Flip dog
27. Warrior I
28. Humble Warrior
29. Warrior III
30. Balancing Half Moon
31. Warrior II
32. High Lunge
33. Hugh Lunge with hands prayer position twist
34. High Lunge
35. Vinyasa
36. Come to seat. Tolasana or Scales Pose, with time beforehand to experience Uddiayana Bandha and use it consciously during Scales. Repeat 2x.
37. Repeat steps 25-35 with left leg forward
38. Flow between Tolasana and Upward Boat Pose, moving with the breath. Continue, letting heat build in the body.
39. Vinyasa
40. Supine Pigeon Pose, both sides
41. Supine Twists
42. Inversion of choice (maybe Legs up the Wall?)
43. Savasana

Thank you again, Susan!

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