A quick, easy sequence for quads and hamstrings

Now that summer seems be be truly upon us (although, of course, I don't want to jinx it) outdoor activities, running around, and being on your feet are on the rise. If you are feeling a little extra tightness in the legs because of all of the fun you are having, try this sequence-- perfect to squeeze in as a part of a longer sequence-- and feel the tightness melt away!

  1. Downward Dog
  2. Right foot forward to knee-down lunge
  3. Lift arms to sky in lunge
  4. Runner's lunge or half splits
  5. Curl back toes under and step left foot forward to transition to Pyramid Pose
  6. Bend right knee over ankle to a very short Warrior I stance
  7. Warrior I
  8. Step forward directly into Dancer's Pose (right foot on floor)
  9. Tadasana
  10. Vinyasa to repeat on other side!

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