Yoga Birthday Presents: Barefoot Yoga Mat

It's my birthday next Saturday (the 22nd) and I've recently gotten some lovely yoga presents for myself. I had been practicing on a Kripalu yoga mat that the center was going to turn into door jams (because it was so worn in) in 2007. If you think it was worn in then...

In February, I got a new mat! It's a Barefoot Grip Mat and I'm finally going to lug it down to the studio today so that I can teach and practice on it there.

My new mat! Except I got it in "Espresso" :)
I have the sweatiest palms known to mankind (TMI?), but so far no face-planting. I let a friend who was visiting borrow it last weekend and she A) Imbued it with good vibes and B) Also didn't face-plant. Apparently the slow-slip action that can sometimes happen with yoga mats (where you feel like your Downward Dog is slowly getting wider, and wider, and wider) goes away with more use as well as a scrub down with sea salt and water. Done and done.

Also, lifetime warranty. Take that, decade-old Kripalu mat!

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