Do yoga students look like their yoga teachers?

Do yoga students look like their yoga teachers? Do dogs look like their owners? Do we naturally gravitate toward the familiar because it's within our comfort zone?

Okay, that last one was a leading question. I got my first ticket ever yesterday (On a bike! A bike! Wait... one more time. A bike!) and I'm getting pumped up to argue it in court. I digress.

Back to the original rhetorical question. I don't think that yoga students and their favorite teachers actually look alike in terms of hair length and style, skin tone, and the shape of their eyes. I have been noticing, however, that the regulars and the teacher do share some similar physical characteristics that make the favorite poses of the student and the teacher align. For example, I'm thinking of a teacher with beautiful, long arms. Longer arms make many arm balances easier. People show up to her class who love to fly. Curvier instructors sometimes teach more kapha style classes and those who gravitate toward a slower practice follow. There are the die-hard addicts who show up no matter who is in the front of the room, but I think we all have our favorites. Sometimes, the teacher might be our favorite because, well, they are a little like ourselves.

Am I totally off here? Or has anyone else noticed this?

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