Long Power Vinyasa Sequence

Recently I have been enjoying teaching a long sequence on one side of the body and then repeating it on the other. Depending on the class length, I might repeat the sequence with small variations again on both sides of the body. My intention is to give a lot of time to get used to the sensations and movements on one side of the body before breaking it up with a Vinyasa.

Here is one example:
1. Start with gentle hip warm ups, twists, and stretches
2. Move into core work, a good five minutes to get the blood moving
3. Cat/cow
4. DD
5. Plank
6. Right hand down side plank
7. Plank
8. DD
9. Plank
10. Left hand down side plank
11. Plank
12. DD
13. Repeat DD-->Plank-->Side Plank-->Plank-->DD for awhile. Modify on forearms as needed.
14. 5 Sun As
15. Chair
16. Chair twits, both sides
17. Vinyasa to DD
18. Knee into chest in DD
19. Extend leg to sky
20. Bend knee and draw circles on ceiling
21. Extend leg back
22. Knee to nose in plank
23. Extend back to 3-legged plank
24. Repeat 22-23 3 or 4 times
25. Place foot in between hands for lunge
26. High or crescent lunge
27. Power lunge
28. Crescent lunge
29. Warrior III
30. Balancing half moon
31. Warrior II
32. "Peaceful" Warrior (back arm to back leg, other arm to sky)
33. Straighten front leg, bring torso up, extend out into Triangle
34. Without coming up, revolve seamlessly into lunge twist
35. Plank
36. Vinyasa
37. Repeat on other side!

You can make it even longer if you want, adding things in and taking things out. No students seemed totally exhausted; the sequence works. To end class, I would recommend a pigeon pose (it will be great for those worked out hips) and giving a long time to cool down.

Let me know if you need any clarification (as always) and yoga on!

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