Home yoga practice

'Tis the season to be a little more persnickety because you're stuck at a relatives house and either don't have the time or the space to move your body.

A few suggestions:

1) Sit your tuchis (yiddish= behind) on the guest bed or couch that you are currently inhabiting and breathe. Take a couple deep breathes right now, in fact. Ahhh... much better, no? Now, imagine how much better you'll feel if you do that for 5-30 minutes in a dark room with your eyes closed. Yes, someone might knock on the door and require something of you, but you'll be much more amenable to the intrusion after a wee meditation break.

2) World's quickest yoga practice, no mat required.
  •  Breath of Joy (Google it), repeat 12x
  • Take a wide stance, and swing your arms like they were empty coat sleeves, lightly hitting yourself on the back (gently stimulating the kidneys)
  • Wide legged forward fold
  • Standing on one foot, hug the other leg into your chest. Repeat other side
  • Standing twist: one hand to lower back, other hand to hip. Repeat other side
  • Sun Breaths (Google it), repeat 12x
 3) Weep. Openly.

Happy holidays!

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