How many yoga classes can you teach in a week?

Answer: Too Damn Many. Fifteen classes this week, Monday-Friday. That's too many.

I napped for two hours yesterday and woke up feeling like the world was tilted sideways. Eating some pizza helped, as did spending time with a wonderful friend on her birthday. Woke up this morning ready to record one of the sequences I taught 7-8 times in two days. I wouldn't recommend doing it that many times in a row, though.

  1. Start off lying on your back
  2. Knees into chest
  3. "Bicycle crunches"or alternate one knee into chest opposite leg extended from side to side
  4. Table top
  5. Extend opposite arm and leg
  6. Downward Dog
  7. 6-12 Sun As
  8. Tadasana (Mountain Pose)
  9. Knee into chest
  10. Knee out to side
  11. Knee into chest, then release hands to hips
  12. Warrior III
  13. Standing splits
  14. Balancing half moon
  15. Warrior II
  16. "Peaceful" Warrior II
  17. Move into lunge with twist
  18. Step back into three-legged plank
  19. Three chaturanga push-ups
  20. Vinyasa with leg lifted
  21. Repeat steps 8-20 on other side
  22. Warrior I
  23. "Humble" warrior (or Silver Surfer)
  24. Warrior II
  25. Triangle
  26. Warrior II
  27. Turn back foot to come into high lunge
  28. Hands framing front foot, repeat 18-20
  29. Repeat steps 22-28
  30. Child's pose
  31. Thread the needle, both sides
  32. Puppy dog pose
  33. Come onto back
  34. Gentle twists
  35. Half happy baby on both sides, and then happy baby
  36. Inversion of choice
  37. Savasana

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