Using the limbs to benefit the torso

In class this week, I talked about how we need to use our extremities and limbs to benefit the health of what's in our torso (organs, spine) and not compromise the health of what's in our torso to do a funky contortionist yoga pose. Way too often, I see people collapsing in the chest and crunching the spine to try and bind their arms together. In general, we need to use the arms, the legs, the feet, and the hands, to make our torso (the "being" part of our body) happier and healthier.

Here's a sequence for it:

After some Sun As, and some general warm-ups...
-Downward Facing Dog
-High Lunge
-Straighten front leg, having the movement originate from the pressing of the foot into the floor. Hands prayer position heart center as you straighten leg. Flow from lunge with arms up, to front leg straight hands prayer, with movement originating from foot. 5-6x
-Prayer twist in high lunge. Use arms to help deepen twist for torso.
-High Lunge
-Warrior II
-Revolved Warrior
-Extended side angle. Take top arm and draw big circles up, over, and around. Use arms to open heart toward ceiling.
-Hold extended side angle
-Warrior II
-Repeat on other side

Just a quickie, but you can repeat it as many times as your little heart desires...

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