Yoga Outside!

My usual Friday class is in a dark, icky basement in Helen Newman Hall, on Cornell's North Campus. It's a former shooting range (complete with holes in the far wall). The vibes stink. So, for the first time in my two years of employment with Cornell, we took the yoga outside.

We trooped up to a soccer pitch, and away from gawking eyes, and did a sunny, mostly standing poses sequence. As best I can remember, here it is:

1. Meditation/centering seated
2. Seated twist
3. Sun As
4. Dancer
5. Eagle
6. Tree
7. Dancer-->Eagle-->Tree (all in one go)
8. Sun Salutation to DD
9. High lunge
10. Warrior II
11. Extended side angle
12. Revolved Warrior
13. Vinyasa to repeat on other side
14. High lunge, "beach ball" holding arms
15. Extended side angle to "beach ball" holding arms (lifting arm off of bent leg)
16. Revolved warrior to "beach ball" holding arms (lifting arm off of back leg)
17. Vinyasa to repeat on other side
18. Warrior I, to Humble Warrior
19. Warrior II, with optional bind, trying to open heart to sky
20. Revolved Warrior II
21. Vinyasa to repeat on other side
22. Child's pose
23. Onto belly
24. Locust
25. Bow
26. Child's pose
27. Puppy dog pose (child's pose, but with hips directly over knees) with thread the needle. Repeat other side.
28. Childs
29. Savasana aka sun tanning

It's important in a class outside to make sure students aren't blinded, pissed at getting their mat dirty, or getting a sun burn. Don't teach the same way you would inside. Add stuff in about the fact that you're outside, be conscious of surroundings, and whether anyone in the class feels uncomfortable.

Also, looking upside down in downward dog is lovely.

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