Parsva Bakasana (Side Crow or Side Crane)

Get into it, you look like you're break dancing, and hit the pause button. Feels better on my wrists than crow pose, and, personally, I think it's easier to get into. I am, however, left with some lingering questions.

For one, should the arms be fully straight, or bent like in Chaturanga? Are both arms snuggled under the leg, or just one? Does it really matter (or are there benefits in each variation)? Either way, it's fun to try. Just don't get too sweaty, or your elbows will just slip off!

I taught the bent arms variation, with either one or two arms under the leg, this week. I started with about 10 minutes of deep core work, to fire up the core to prepare for lift-off later in the practice. From there:

1. 4-6 Sun Salutation As. Add in extra chaturangas to fire up the arm muscles for the balancing later.
2. Sun Salutations B. Long chair hold.
3. Sun Salutations B. Long chair with twists to either side.
4. Sun Salutations B. Chair twist towards right, step back with left foot to high lunge twist.
5. Open to Warrior II
6. Reverse warrior to extended side angle (long hold)
7. Warrior II
8. Vinyasa
9. Repeat steps 4 to 8 on other leg
10. Chair
11. Chair twist towards right, open arms to T position, using block for lower hand as needed
12. Hands come back to prayer position
13. Repeat steps 4 to 6, come into triangle pose
14. Warrior II
15. Vinyasa
16. Repeat steps 10-15 on other side
17. Chair pose with twist
18. Either repeat chair twist, chair twist with open arms, or try parsva bakasana!
19. Repeat on other side
20. Cool down of choice, 15-20 minutes, but I recommend including a bridge pose with a block in between the knees to help bring the pelvis back into alignment (in case it went out during all of those chair pose with twists)
21. Savasana

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