Lift up the corners of your mouth

I feel like a slug.

A salted slug.

A cold, shriveled, salted slug.

It's like the sap started to rise on spring and then just got stuck. I think it got stuck because IT FROZE THERE. Just like energy started to rise in my body (and seemingly in the bodies of my students) and then that energy just got stuck. We're trying very hard to de-stuck.

One of the things I have been playing around with in class (trying to de-stuck) is a variation off of Warrior I. I tried to find an image of it, but all I could find was this:
This is not the "Warrior I Variation" (which was my keyword search) that I was looking for.

In this variation, get into the "traditional" Warrior I, with back foot grounded. Keep the torso as it is throughout the directions, unless otherwise noted. Straighten the front leg. Shift the weight onto the heel of the front foot. Now lift the toes on the front foot as high as you can, ideally pointing right up to the ceiling. Lift the sterum to the sky. Feel that core become heated up, because the outdoors refuses to!

To come out, bring the torso back to neutral (no mini backbends), replace the foot, bend the knee, and you're back into Warrior I. It might feel good to come into "Silver surfer" after this as a counter pose (not this Silver Surfer, must read comments underneath.. Google Images is amazing).  Also know as "Humble warrior":

To really heat it up, flow between the two (Warrior I variation and Humble warrior) and throw a vinyasa in between each repetition and each side. Let me know if you try it and, as a result, feel a little bit lighter on your feet!

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