Good shwag: Champion Yoga Clothes

OK. So, I got these clothes in November, and have been wearing them nonstop ever since. Why haven't I posted about them, yet? Because I'm a flake, that's why.

As folks may or may not know, I don't want this to be some weird promo site for stuff that gets mailed to me, but when stuff does get mailed to me and its awesome, a ladies gotta respect. This stuff is awesome. I have literally worn the pants dozens of times and they don't look crazy ragged and didn't get pill-y. Best of all? No underwear lines. Aaaaaa-men.

And now, the obligatory fancy-pants yoga pose pictures, wearing said awesome clothes.
Notice lack of underwear lines, and the fancy-ness of this posture

Kissing the floor, noticing dust
I often tell students to develop balance by doing household tasks in tree pose. Like drinking tea and looking bored.

They sent me a sports bra, too, but I won't post pictures of me in that, in case I want to run for President some day. If you're looking for yoga clothes at non-Lululemon prices (but, seriously, same not-breakable quality) I recommend. Like a lot of yoga clothes, however, the designers seem to think women are much taller than they are. I mean, I'm 5'5" (which is smack-center average), but you can see how way-too-long they are over my heel in tree pose. I roll 'um up and they're fine and I never have problems when taking a class in them.

OK. No more shwag posts for awhile, I think. Back to asana (gasp!) in the near future...

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